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Members & Trustees

Our Members

Members are similar to a company's shareholders - they sit above the board of trustees in an academy trust and have a largely hands-off role. 

Their key responsibilities include appointing the trustees and holding them to account for the successful governance of the trust.


The Role of a Trustee 
The individuals on the Board of Trustees are called Trustees (while the individuals on a Local Stakeholder Group are called LSG Associates).
The Board of Trustees is accountable for the performance of the Trust. It is responsible for the leadership of the Trust, and for establishing delegations to LSGs and to Associate Headteachers for the day to day operational management of the academies within the Trust.  
To discharge its accountability the Board will retain responsibility for: 
  • setting the vision and strategy for the Trust; 
  • ensuring the quality of educational provision within the Trust; 
  • challenging and monitoring the performance of each Academy within the Trust; 
  • managing the Trust’s resources effectively; 
  • appointing the Executive Headteacher, Associate Headteachers, Chief Finance Officer and (if appointed) lead staff for Estates and HR; 
  • ensuring that the Trust complies with charity and company law; 
  • ensuring that the Trust and each Academy complies with the Funding Agreements; and 
  • exercising reasonable skill and care in carrying out its duties. 
The role of a Trustee is not to manage operations – that is the role of Executive Headteacher and senior staff; the role of Trustees is to set strategy and hold the Executive Headteacher to account for delivery of that strategy and performance (including compliance).  
The Board of Trustees is a corporate body, which means: 
  • No Trustee can act on their own without proper authority from the Board of Trustees; 
  • All Trustees carry equal and collective responsibility for decisions made; and 
  • The overriding concern of all Trustees is to the success of the Trust overall.  
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Trustees who have served in the past 12 months:

Orla Brady Term of service 28/01/2020 - 15/03/2021

Marie-Louise Nolan Term of service 17/10/2018 - 22/07/2020

Gita-Dean Andrews Term of service 17/10/2018 - 29/08/2020

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